Our senior does are such a special part of the herd. Each hold a special place in our hearts and we are excited to introduce you to our ladies. The senior does are those that have had kids before. Some of our senior does are pregnant while others have had their kids and are milking. Please take a look at our lovely ladies!

Senior Does

Prairie Wood Golden Dynasty 1*M
Barn Name: Dyna
DOB 2/16/2013

Sire: Prairie Wood Jokers Wild Blue
(CH AGS Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues x AGS Hill Country’s TB Carolina)

Dam: AGS Lil Roughnecks Sunshine
(AGS Double Sundog MM Bonus Check x AGS Saguro Lady In Red)

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Keeping for myself personally
Prairie Wood Mariposa Vistosa 1*M
Barn Name: Mary
DOB 2/25/2013

Sire: Little Tot’s Estate Leopard *B
(AGS Woodhaven Farms Luzifer Blue +B x GCH AGS Rosasharn’s TL Ukulele 3*M)

Dam: Nizhoni’s DW Esperanza
(AGS Nizhoni’s PV Desert Wind x CH AGS Esperanza SJ Patience)

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Caprine Acres AD Jimanji
Barn Name: Bella
DOB 3/23/2013

Sire: Kaapio Acres AD Adonis
(Rosasharn UP Andromida *B x CH AGS Little Tot’s Estate Callilily)

Dam: Kaapio Acres SY Jubilee
(AGS Kaapio Acres Son Of A Gun x Rosasharn SP Jubilation)

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Sycamore SS Joy Of Noelle
Barn Name: Noelle
DOB 10/21/2013

Sire: Sinai Thunder SS Redeemed *B
(Olson Acres RC Augustine *B x AGS Helmstead Minis TM Fergie 1*M)

Dam: SG Double Durango Princess Sky *D *M AR LA: EEEE 91 (2016)
(Rosasharn SP Rip Van Winkle GA *B x AGS Kaapio Acre’s RM Space Cadet)

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Prairie Wood Stella McCartney
Barn Name: Stella
DOB 2/13/2014

Sire: CH AGS Flying Goat Jazzy Blues
(AGS Prairie Wood Huckleberry x GCH AGS Prairie Wood Bella 1*M)

Dam: Prairie Wood Prada Party
(CH AGS Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues x AGS Lost Valley CM Coral Bell)

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Twinkle Little Ruby Slippers
Barn Name: Ruby
DOB 4/24/2014

Sire: BleaT N Teats Johnny Be Good
(Madison’s Meadow Buckshot x AGS Little Tots Estate Pebbles)

Dam: Prairie Wood Golden Dynasty 1*M
(CH Prairie Wood Jokers Wild Blue x AGS Lil Roughnecks Sunshine)

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Twinkle Little Mariquita
(translates to Ladybug in Spanish)
Barn Name: Lady
DOB 6/4/2014

Sire: AGS Alford Meadows Domino Joe
(AGS Helmstead Minis FF Stoked x AGS Kinder Kreek Farm Z Star)

Dam: Prairie Wood Mariposa Vistosan 1*M
(Little Tot’s Estate Leopard *B x Nizhoni’s DW Esperanza)

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Sale Pending
Caprine Acres Jiving Juliet
Barn Name: Juliet
DOB 4/6/14

Sire: Kaapio Acres HH Tai Dragon
(CH Kaapio Acres Hot Habanero x Rosasharn BS Ora)

Dam: Caprine Acres AD Jimanji
(Kaapio Acres AN Adonis x Kaapio Acres SY Jubilee)
Juliet's page
Barn Name: Cordy
DOB 2/21/2015

Sire: BleaT N Teats Johnny Be Good
(Madison's Meadow Buckshot x AGS Little Tots Estate Pebbles)

Dam: Critter Croft Acres CP Flava
(Kaapio Acres MH Chipotle x Critter Croft Acres Luxury)

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