2017 Means Big Things for Twinkle Little Farm!

milklabel32ozmilksidelabelWe having been working to acquire our Commercial Feed License and will be providing Farm Fresh Raw Goat’s Milk For Sale, hopefully by the End of February! Our Raw Goat’s Milk will be labeled NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION as per Indiana State Laws.

You will notice a beautiful black doe on our labels. This doe is Caprine Acres TD Key West, or Molly as we affectionately called her. I chose to place Molly on our labels as a tribute to her. She was the very first doe that we lost at Twinkle Little Farm and she will forever be missed by our family. She was the sweetest doe and had a beautiful udder, I had high hopes for her. Unfortunately, she did not leave us with a daughter but I wanted her to somehow live on with our farm. The best way I though I could do that was by adding her image to our label!

We will be purchasing Milk Jugs soon and are interested in knowing what size would work best for YOU! Please submit click
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If you are interested in purchasing our milk please fill out or the form below or send us an email containing your contact information to be put on our customer list so that we can contact you as soon as the milk is being packaged.

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