DOB 2/16/2013
Gold, Blue Eyes
Registered with ADGA and AGS


Dyna’s FF Udder

20140527_094424 20140527_094430

Sire: Prairie Wood Jokers Wild Blue
(CH AGS Prairie Wood Pinnacle Blues x AGS Hill Country’s TB Carolina)

Dam: AGS Lil Roughnecks Sunshine
(AGS Double Sundog MM Bonus Check x AGS Saguro Lady In Red)

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2014 – Single Doe Kid (Twinkle Little Ruby Slippers) – Sired by BleaT N Teats Johnny Be Good
2015 – Twin Buck Kids – Sired by RHV CS Triton’s Man O’ War
2016 – Single Buck Kid – Sired by RHV CS Triton’s Man O’ War
2017 – Single Doe Kid (Twinkle Little Black Pearl) – Sire by AGS Alford Meadows Domino Joe
2018 – Twins Buck and Doe (Twinkle Little Red Velvet) – Sired by Twinkle Little Blue Jeans

Dyna is one of our very first Nigerian Dwarf goats and holds a very special place in our hearts. She is the herd queen ans she knows it. Dyna kids easily and is an exceptionally great mother. She raises robust kids that are just the sweetest and absolutely love attention. Although her udder is not the best looking in our herd, it is one of our top producers. Dyna was placed on milk test as a first freshener however we we unable to finish her records due to moving and other life events through 2015. In 2016 she was placed in a One Day Milk Competition and we are pleased to announce that she has earn her milk star with the American Dairy Goat Association!