We are very excited about our bucks. Each contributes such nice qualities to our kids. Please feel free to look around and check out our handsome gentlemen!



AGS Alford Meadows Domino Joe
Barn Name: Joey
DOB 4/20/2013

Sire: AGS Helmstead Minis FF Stoked
(CH AGS Kids Corral LL Fire Flame x AGS Golden Kids Flicka)

Dam: AGS Kinder Kreek Farm Z Star
(AGS Wellwood Farms Zeke xAGS Kinder Kreek Farm Midnight)

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RHV CS Triton's Man O' War
Barn Name: Triton
DOB 4/29/2014

Sire: Rosasharn SP Cleisthenes *B
(Rosasharn SW Sapporo ++B x GCH Rosasharn TL Uridice 3*M)

Dam: RHV CTO Sweet Melody 4*M
(Rosasharn BB Cento +*B x Agape Oaks FC Sea Jelly 3*M)

For Sale $400

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Nicky's baby picture
Twinkle Little Saint Nicholas
Barn Name: Nicky
DOB: 5/31/2016

Sire: RHV CS Triton’s Man O’ War *B
(Rosasharn SP Cleisthenes *B x RHV CTO Sweet Melody 4*M)

Dam: Sycamore SS Joy Of Noelle
(Sinai Thunder SS Redeemed *S *B x SG Double Durango Princess Sky *D *M AR LA: EEEE 91 (2016))

For Sale $350

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Buck Services

We will, on occasion, provide buck services for individuals that have a doe(s) that they are wanting to have bred. If you are interested in breeding your doe(s) to any of our bucks, please feel free to contact us regarding fees and scheduling.

We currently do not provide boarding for breeding does, so does will need to be brought to our farm when they go into heat. Please make sure that your doe(s) is current on vaccines and has a recent negative CAE test and is not CL positive or part of a herd that contains a CL positive goat(s). We reserve the right to refuse breeding if an individual presents a doe to be bred that appears to be ill in any way.

Reference Bucks

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