I have always believed that Twinkle Little Farm was founded the day our very first two Nigerian Dwarf Goats arrived DSCN4368on the farm in April 2013. We had never raised goats before but I was determined that this was exactly what I was supposed to do. I literally jumped into the goat business with both feet and hit the ground running. I chose to breed and raise Nigerian Dwarf Goats after we visited a Petting Zoo and our young daughters loved the small goats they had available to pet and feed. I began to research different goat breeds and when I came across the Nigerian Dwarf, I knew it was exactly what would fit into our family. Nigerian Dwarfs are a small, about 18-23 inches at the highest part of their back and produce a good amount of milk for their size. They would be easy for our girls to help handle, care for, and enjoy as well as provide our family with a source of fresh milk that tends to be sweeter than the average standard sized diary goat.

DSCN4531Shortly after our does (Dyna and Mary) arrived, so did our first two bucks (Johnny and Joey). Our new goats were all around 2 months old when we acquired them, so it took some growing up before they were ready to breed. The name of our little hobby farm took some time to come up with. I kept bouncing ideas off my family and friends but nothing stuck. One day while our oldest daughter was learning the words to the popular children’s songs Twinkle Little Star and Old McDonald Had A Farm she started getting the words mixed up a bit. As soon as I heard her say ‘Twinkle Little Farm’ instead of ‘Twinkle Little Star’ I knew THAT was it, I had found our name. The goat business was inspired by my girls and it was ever so fitting that the farm be named by them.


2015-04-29 15.55.11We acquired a few more does, that were already bred, in early January 2014 and our first kids arrived shortly after. With the arrival of our first kids brought our first experience with milk testing. Our herd is part of the DHIR and we currently use Langston University in Oklahoma for our test results. It hasn’t always been easy but it sure has been a lot of fun!

Thank You for stopping by our website! Please feel free to check out our goats and send us an e-mail if you are interested in learning more or would like to purchase one of our sweet Nigerian Dwarf kids!

Owner & Head Milkmaid

Mission & Vision

To responsibly breed, raise, milk, show, and sell quality Nigerian Dwarf Goats that are a positive influence genetically within the goat society.

We will actively seek ways to improve on our goats’ confirmation, milking abilities, and personalities. Our desire is for our goats to be great family pets as well as competitive in shows and the milk pail.