2018 Kids have arrived


Prairie Wood Golden Dynasty *M delivered Buck/Doe Twins sire by Twinkle Little Blue Jeans this morning (2/18/2018). The buck is as cute as a button, buckskin with frosted ears and muzzle with a white poll and blue eyes. The doe is already a cuddle bug and is a beautiful red and white with brown eyes. I cried when we found them this morning. I just plain LOVE breeding goats. They bring me such joy, I can’t wait until the say when I can find our forever farm and build the herd again. That is my goal and my hope and my prayer. I hope that God will help me find a way and to bless it and to help me use it for His good. Once these little guys are walking a little more stable and all fluffy I will make sure to get photos up. Both of these cuties are for sale, the buck will be sold as a wether at $100 and the doe will be for sale at $300. If you are interested in either of these kids please feel free to call or email!

We are still waiting for Twinkle Little Apple Bottom to decide to have her kids, but I will make sure to update you all once they arrive. We currently have a reservation for a doe and buck from Apple, however any more kids she has will be up for sale as well. Last year she gave us triplets, so there is always a possibility that there will be another for sale.

Have a blessed Sunday!



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