Starting Over


Well, 2017 didn’t really turn out the way I had hoped but didn’t end nearly as bad as I expected. I was forced to move from the farm we rented and move into my mother’s house. Not something one is very proud of at age 32, but a necessity at the time. My mother lives in town, so taking the goats to her house was not an option, although I did have a doe stay in her shed until she freshened so that I could keep an eye on her and tend to her kids. I was both happy and sad to see their births. They were my first, GrandKids, the kids whose sire and dam I had bred myself and who both held my Twinkle Little herd name.

I frantically sold all but three goats. The remaining goats are listed on our Goat pages. Dyna, Apple, and Blue Jeans are what is left of my herd. For a while they lived at my cousin’s house, 15 minutes away. I would get up at 4AM each morning to make the drive and milk Miss Dyna in the AM and then end up stopping by again for evening milking after work. This was a lot of work and I was exhausted, but I am glad I could keep her milking as long as I did.

I had been looking and looking for something in the country that was in my budget, but nothing seemed to fit my needs. In December, I was finally able to close on a new house. I was told by the owner that because it was out of town, my animals would be no problem. I was told that he had actually checked years ago and if I wanted, could have 10 chickens, 2 pigs, or a cow on this property. We were doing some clean up and wanted to do some building so a call was made to the county. Upon discussing our plans, they noted that we may need special zoning for the goats. UHG! Learning curve #1 NEVER TAKE THE WORK OF A SELLER when buying a property, I don’t care how nice they are. Make the calls yourself to make sure the property you choose can actually be used for the purpose you intend.  Now, I don’t expect to have problems with the zoning, I have talked to the neighbors and everyone seems fine with the idea of a small herd of adorable goats, but I could have easily run into the opposite. So, word to the wise, DO SOME RESEARCH! I know this sounds like a no brainer, but with all the excitement of potentially owning my own home, the busyness of work, and taking care of my own kiddos, the research part went to the wayside. You, live and learn, right?

Even though this property is only .44 Acres, I have big plans. I will be setting up a garden in spring as well as buying some fruit trees. My hope is to use this property to its highest potential. I want the land that I have to work FOR me and provide for my family. So, here is to new beginnings and starting over!

Have a blessed day!



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