2017 Kidding Season has begun!


20170122_183416[1]20170122_215320[1]If you have visited our facebook page recently you will notice the feed burning up the last couple of days. Our first freshener Twinkle Little Cordelia started off our 2017 Kidding Season with 2 beautiful buck kids on 1/22/2017! She did an amazing job delivering them herself with no help. Her larger buck (J1) is doing great and is with Cordelia in their own private kidding stall. Cordelia’s smaller buck (J2) was a bit too lethargic for my liking, so we decided to bring him into the house to more closely monitor him. He spent much of his first day laying down, as he was having trouble standing. Today, he is doing very good and can now stand up on his own and take a few steps. He is still a little wobbly on his feet but he is such a fighter.

20170123_013419[1]Prairie Wood Golden Dynasty (Dyna) wanted in on all the action as well and blessed us with a HUGE but beautiful blue eyed doe kid (J3) just past midnight on 1/23/2017. She reminds me SO much of her half sisters and seems to be a perfect mix of Twinkle Little Mariquita (same sire) and Twinkle Little Ruby Slippers (same dam). I look forward to seeing how she mature, I think this little lady is going to be pretty special. I’ve tried to tell myself to wait until this first batch of kids hits the ground before I decide which does to keep, but I must admit I am falling in love with her. We have already been toying with names and so far the vote is swaying towards Twinkle Little Black Pearl.

We are still anxiously awaiting kids from our last two does with January due dates, Prairie Wood Mariposa Vistosa (Mary) and Sycamore SS Joy Of Noelle. In true “Mary Fashion” she is late yet again this year. I think she secretly likes to toy with me and hold out as long as her body will allow. Noelle isn’t due until Thursday but I don’t know how she is going to make it that long, she is so large and just so uncomfortable. Every time I am in the barn I watch her and she groans and changes positions a lot trying to find a comfortable position.

Please keep your eyes peeled on the site as well as our facebook page, I am trying my best to update everything as the new kids arrive!

Have a blessed day!


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