Moving On…


Sunday was a sad day for me. I sold my very first buck that I bought for breeding, BleaT N Teats Johnny Be Good. I have kept several daughters and I felt in order to keep my herd small and diverse, I need to sell a few bucks. Johnny has been with me since he was 2 months old and I have loved him dearly since the day he arrived. He had THE best personality and really passed that and a nice shaped udder on to his daughters. I guess today I am going through seller’s remorse as I keep trying to tell myself I did the right thing. I did. Everything went perfect and his new home needed him and exactly him. After I sell a second buck I will be on the search for a new buck. This is very exciting, as I have had my eye on several promising lines through the past year or so. So, please keep your eyes on the site, hopefully next year we will find a Mr. Right for our herd!

Have a blessed day!



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