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Oh my goodness! Just read that our doe Sycamore SS Joy Of Noelle’s dam SG Double Durango Princess Sky *D *M AR appraised at E91! Congratualtions Sycamore Springs who owns her and to Double Durango for breeding such a nice doe! Definitely regretting selling Noelle’s doe kid this year. She was sold to a good friend and I am excited for her to have such a great home. After weeks of debating though I had already decided to retain her buck to breed to a few does in the fall, since he is so nice (and likes to cuddle).

Saint Nicolas' baby picture

Saint Nicolas’ baby picture

He will be named Twinkle Little Saint Nicolas. The does I am most excited to breed him to are Twinkle Little Jenga Jewel and Twinkle Little Mariquita.

Have a blessed day!



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