CAE Testing


All of our Adult goats, Bucks and Does were tested recently for CAE. Today we received our results. I am not surprised but still proud and pleased to announce that they ALL came back negative!

Here is our list of goats tested:

BleaT N Teats Johnny Be Good

Alford Meadows Domino Joe

RHV CS Triton’s Man O’ War *B

Prairie Wood Golden Dynasty 1*M

Prairie Wood Mariposa Vistosa 1*M

Prairie Wood Stella McCartney

Prairie Wood Promiscuous

Caprine Acres AD Jimanji

Caprine Acres Jiving Juliet

Caprine Acres Mona Lisa

Sycamore SS Joy Of Noelle

Twinkle Little Ruby Slippers

Twinkle Little Mariquita

What is CAE? Why are we testing for it?

CAE stands for Caprine arthritis and encephalitis virus. This disease has no treatment and can be spread from dam to kid through colostrum as well as from adult to adult through blood and feces. There are 5 types of CAE, which include arthritis, encephalitis (inflammation of the brain), pneumonia, mastitis, and chronic wasting.

We decided to test our goats to ensure we are providing healthy disease free animals. If our adults are negative for CAE then the kids being sold are too 🙂

If you would like more specific information about CAE and the symptoms check out the following sites:

As always, have a blessed day!



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