Milk Tests & Show Season


As this weekend quickly approaches I am getting more and more excited. This weekend marks the start of our Show Season!

I took a year off from showing last year because I was pregnant with my son and was extremely uncomfortable.  I attempted to get ready to show and had a large majority of our does and even the bucks completely shaved, however it just wore me out too much to work with them and get them leading like they should for show. We also did not milk test last year as well, so this year I am ALL in!

This weekend we will be taking our does that have freshened thus far to a Milk Test Event near by. I am extremely excited to see their results since they are two pairs of Mother/Daughters! Our does that will be participating are Prairie Wood Golden Dynasty, Prairie Wood Mariposa Vistosa, Twinkle Little Ruby Slippers, and Twinkle Little Mariquita. They are all currently dam raising their kids and this event is perfect timing for us to wean several kids as well as get nice udder pictures of their dams.

Please stay tuned, as I will be posting pictures and results as soon as possible.

Have a blessed day!



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