Busy Building “Goat” Mahal


We had decided to add another shelter and slit our doe pasture in half to separate the does with kids versus the does that are either waiting to kid or have not been bred. We had a fun time designing and putting together our “Goat” Mahal using ALL recycled materials. Everything we used was left over construction materials that would have been thrown away. I was actually VERY pleased how well it turned out and the girls really seem to enjoy it a lot. 





The night after we “completed” the “Goat” Mahal, it was windy and a little rainy, my love decided he didn’t like the way the wind was coming in through their door so he added a shelf and windbreak to help with that. He also decided on shelf wasn’t enough, which the does were very pleased with. They all thoroughly enjoy laying out in the sun on their shelved attached to the front of the shelter.

Our Goats Enjoying

Hope you all enjoyed the photos of our new shelter! 

Have a blessed day!



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