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February and March have been pretty busy months for us!

On Feb 23rd, we welcomed buck/doe twins from Prairie Wood Mariposa Vistosa sired by BleaT N Teats Johnny Be Good. Both kids were large and robust, and quickly got to their feet and onto the teat. Aside from the lovely udder BleaT N Teats Johnny Be Good puts on his daughters, he always seems to transfer his winning personality. These kids are SUPER friendly and are complete attention hogs. I am very much hoping that they find a home with young children, as they just adore our young daughters.

Feb 24th Twinkle Little Ruby Slippers blessed us with twin does sired by RHV CS Triton’s Man O’ War *B, these does being our first “grand”kids as I like to call them. I was VERY pleased with Twinkle Little Ruby Slipper’s udder, it is a great improvement on her dam’s. Her sire, BleaT N Teats Johnny Be Good gave her a lovely medial and very nice teat placement. I just can’t help but admire it ever time I walk behind her. Her doe twins are adorable and I continue to love the dairy appearance, length and rump angle that their sire RHV CS Triton’s Man O’ War *B has consistently added to his kids.

Prairie Wood Golden Dynasty delivered a single buck kid on March 9 sired by RHV CS Triton’s Man O’ War *B. He is handsome and masculine but still has the length and dairy appearance that RHV CS Triton’s Man O’ War *B passes. I am never disappointed by Prairie Wood Golden Dynasty’s kids, they are always so beautiful and sweet. He reminds me a lot of his half sister Twinkle Little Ruby Slippers but is more refined.

Our second set of “grand”kids were born on March 16th out of Twinkle Little Mariquita and sired by RHV CS Triton’s Man O’ War *B. She blessed us with triplets just like her dam did as a first freshener. She delivered a very tiny doe and two buck kids. Sadly we lost the tiny doe kid at a week old, however the bucks are much larger and more robust than their tiny little sister. These little guys are adorable and built so nicely.

Between waiting for kids, disbudding kids, worming kids, and just plan oogling and cuddling kids, it has been really busy around the barn. I’m not sure if we will be less busy in April but I’m not going to lie, only have one doe due towards the end is actually a nice break.

Soon show season will be upon us and we are looking forward to getting back into the ring again! Our oldest daughter plans to show Twinkle Little Jenga Jewel in Mini 4-H and of course Mama likes to show in open shows around Indiana.

Thank you all for your patience while we are changing, updating, and adding to our website.

Have a blessed day!



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